Hellooo! :) Name: Ashley
Age: 22
Otaku? Maybe so! I love Anime. Studio Ghibli: obvious favorite type. Naruto Shippuden. Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan). Full Metal Alchemist. Inuyasha. Sailor Moon. Cowboy Bebop. Dragon Ball. Say, "I love You." Blood+. Soul Eater. Fruits Basket. D. Gray-man. Fairy Tail. Wolf's Rain. Ouran High School Host Club. PandoraHearts. Bleach. Kyoukai no Kanata. Blue Exorcist. Darker than Black. Ghost in the shell. Every so often I'll reblog things I consider funny, nature-like or artistic other than anime :D


The Girl Who Leaped Through Time (2006)

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I've always wanted to say this...go on ahead and leave this one to me, got it?

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Durarara!! 2nd opening: Complication

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